Tower Consulting Europe Ltd (TCEL) is a UK based consultancy company specialising in the provision of bespoke support for Project, Programme and Change Management functions across all business sectors.

Our mission is to help organisations improve strategic results and their Project & Change Management capability by focusing on the effectiveness of their strategy, processes and specifically, their people and teams. We believe that ‘people make the difference’ in the successful delivery of Projects, Programmes and Change and that clients will reap the benefits by investing in the competence of their PM/CM functions and business professionals.

Our strategy is underpinned and delivered through focused bespoke interventions, assignments and events to support the development of this critical business function and Project, Programme and Change communities at all levels of seniority, including the vital sponsor role.

The Team at TCEL are well equipped to support clients through their many years of personal experience, both as practitioners and capability improvement partners. This knowledge is supplemented by access to research, membership of the Professional Bodies and a deep understanding of the good practices found in public and private companies around the world.