Successfully delivering Projects, Programmes and Change isn’t easy – if it was, then we wouldn’t need a dedicated career or PM & Change professionals and the business bookshelves and e-libraries wouldn’t be full of text books and guides on how to do it better.

Here at Tower Consulting Europe Ltd (TCEL), we understand that turning strategy into reality is difficult. That every day introduces new challenges and obstacles – for your company, for your people and most importantly, for you.

Whether you are a Company Executive, a Sponsor, a Manager or a Project, Programme & Change professional, we all need help sometimes – whether that is an external perspective at a crucial time, support for the development of your community and it’s frameworks, examples of good practice to follow or someone to help you drive your initiative forward.

That is why I created TCEL in the first place – that’s exactly what we do……………


In my previous life in the corporate world, I worked alongside consultants who seemed to sit in our offices for months on end charging large sums of money to tell us what we already knew if we’d taken the time to think about it. That’s not what TCEL are about – we don’t run Projects or Programmes for you, pitch for long-term, high-cost embedded assignments, or offer classroom style training.

There are plenty of other organisations that will provide you with those services if you want them. We are about short, focused assignments working with you to understand where you need help and then providing appropriate tailored solutions. Doesn’t that sound better?


Our specialist support is typically offered as short term assignments and engagements, getting the job done with excellence and then equipping you to drive forward. Some clients choose to use a selection of our services and to run some events multiple times, but we will always treat each assignment with respect and not as an expectation.

In some cases we work with a client as a ‘Critical Friend’ (or external advisor) for the lifecycle of a Transformation or Strategic Programme / Change. Our business mantra is to design the assignment that is right for the client – every time.

  • Business Transformation support

  • Organisational design / structuring support

  • Breaking down Company Strategy to constituent Programmes, Projects and Change to support successful delivery

  • Sponsor Awareness and Development

  • Change Readiness Assessment

  • The Design and set up of ‘Project / Change Academies’

  • Individual Capability Assessment (including the design of Assessment Centres and materials)

  • Recruitment support for Project, Programme and Change professionals

  • Resource Management and Career Development

  • Team Assessment and Development (Using 4-D Systems© tools)

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Development of internal approaches to new challenges or topics

  • PMO definition, structuring and set up

  • Communications, Stakeholder Management and Engagement

  • Development of processes, practices and techniques to drive improved delivery capability

  • Effective, practical sessions to initiate, plan and manage Projects, Programmes and Change from ‘idea’ to ‘delivery’

  • External Progress Reviews and Healthchecks for Projects, Programmes and Change

  • Improvement planning events following Audit, benchmarking or healthcheck results

We also offer a wide range of Workshops, Masterclasses, Conferences and Boot-camps. See our Fact Sheet links for more information.

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We work as a single united team with market leading firms to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.